Music to Get Your Drink On This St. Paddy’s Day

A major element of any good St. Pat’s celebration (aside from the obvious libations)  is some great music. The right blend of Celtic music can be tricky to achieve; you want the fun and flavor of pipes and fiddles without traipsing into something campy. This brings me to my offering for Day Three of 17 Days of Irish: 7Nations.

I first heard this band at an Irish Fest in the summer of 1999. Since that summer over a decade ago(wow, it scares me to realize it’s actually been that long) I have tried to catch them whenever they swing through town since they are one of the few bands I really enjoy watching live. Unfortunately, according to their current tour schedule, they won’t be headed my way again anytime soon.

I like many of 7Nations’ songs, and I listen to their music all the year through (and not just for Celtic-based celebrations). But if I had to pick one favorite song that is just perfect for St. Pat’s – I would have to say, hands down it’s Rare Auld Time.

If,  on March 17th, you find yourself listening to that song while drinking great beer and hanging out with great friends, you’ll be feeling you have the luck of the Irish indeed.

And if you want to hear more 7Nations, some of my other favorites include: Twelve (see #6 below), Water’s Wide(#8 below), and Big Yellow Bus. A crowd favorite that the band opened with at several of the shows I’ve seen is #12 on the list  below: Up To Me. That song is probably the best representation of their overall sound as  a band.

What about you? If music is a big part of getting your party started…what band/tunes make the list on your St. Patrick’s Day?
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