Rainbow of Ireland

Aside from green, the one color that goes with St. Patrick’s Day is, well, all of them. I’m talking rainbows! Why are rainbows such a part of St. Paddy’s Day? Is it because of the legendary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Or the fact that the crazy March weather with its combo of sun and rain (and for us MidWesterners, snow) often leads to rainbows? Or is it perhaps, that Ireland’s misty weather creates an abundance of gorgeous rainbows?

Whatever the reason, rainbows are as much a part of St. Patrick’s Day as shamrocks and leprechauns and the jig.

There are all sorts of rainbow-y crafts and treats to create, Tip Junkie has put together an entire mini-website devoted to them – check it out:

But the rainbow I am here to share with you today for Day 6 of our 17 Days of Irish is a lovely piece of jewelry called the Rainbow of Ireland.

Recently I mentioned working in an Irish Import Store. For my 15th birthday (yes, I started working there when I was 14) the owners told me to pick any item I wished from the jewelry case. I had always wanted a Claddagh ring, so I selected a simple elegant 14k Claddagh that I wore just about  every single day for the next 15 years. Then, on my 30th birthday, my husband surprised me with a wonderful party and this:

Mine is actually in gold, but I think you get the idea.

It was a lovely present, and I don’t think he even realized how perfect…seeing as it was such great timing in reference to when I received my first Claddagh.

Now I  have to wonder – what will he do for my 45th?


Come back tomorrow for Day 7 and the most incredible Irish Brownie recipe you can imagine.  (Well, that I can imagine anyway).

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