Something to Irish up Your Fat Tuesday

It’s day 7 of the 17 Days of All Things Irish. St. Patrick’s Day is still more than a week away, and tonight many are preparing to celebrate Mardi Gras tomorrow and go to all kinds of excess in preparation for the deprivation of Lent.

If you’re looking for something extra decadent and wicked, then I have just the thing: home made from scratch Irish Brownies so rich and sinful they would send you right back in for a second confession.

I had my first encounter with these brownies while I was a high school English teacher, and subject to the variety of treats and goodies left all over the teacher’s communal office. I don’t like cake, and can say no to most cookies, but man am I a sucker for a brownie…add mint to the mix and my willpower disappears faster than (insert your favorite metaphor here).

A sweet lady named Jill brought these brownies in for Christmas, I think – and after one bite I hunted her down and demanded she give me the recipe.

It’s been almost eight years since I had a desk piled with papers to grade, but I’ve been making Jill’s Mint Brownies on St. Patrick’s Day ever since. I only make them the one time each year, and now you can too.

I posted the recipe to Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen site last year, so to save some time, you can see the recipe HERE.

If you like mint, and you like chocolate – then be ready to fall in love.

I’ll stop the hyperbole now, but really – they are just that good.

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