Friday Fast Five: A Gazillion Giveaways, New Orleans or Ireland?, Slumdog Zumba,Did You Know it’s e-reader week, and OMG Greek Yogurt

1. It’s Friday! So that means Giveaways Ahoy! Here are my favorites this week:

– Kim of TomKat Studios is celebrating reaching 20,000 FaceBook fans with an incredible Giveaway: a personalized customized party package! I asked Miss A what theme she’d like if she could hire someone to create it for her – she said Rainbow Magic Fairies. (So, I know what I’ll be making if I don’t win).

Bird’s Party found a really cool website that puts together packages of sample items from all sorts of crafty companies selling lovely hand-made items. Called My Dream Sample Box, I think it is a genius idea and a great way to help small companies spread the word about their products! I think I’m going to have to order one of the kid’s boxes…how cool for Miss A and Lil’ G to open up a package of stuff just for them? Today, Bird’s Party is giving away 2 prize packages from MDSB full of the best offerings from their sponsors.

2: Earlier this week I mentioned author Erica O’Rourke, and guess what? She’s hosting an awesome giveaway of her own right now. For a chance to win a whole bunch of lovely gifts, visit her website and simply tell her whether you’d prefer to spend Mardi Gras in New Orleans or St. Paddy’s Day in Ireland (I decided I would prefer Mardi Gras in Temple Bar, how’s that?) Contest closes on St. Patrick’s Day – if you comment, let her know I sent you over! 🙂

3: Recently I mentioned trying Zumba for the first time, and I am so hooked. There are lots of fun songs and routines, but I think so far,  my favorite routine to do is to the song Jai Ho (made famous by movie Slumdog Millionaire). The husband and I watched this movie not long after he returned from a business trip to India, so it was especially interesting. The movie really is a must see, it’s not the most happy movie overall, but powerful, and I’d say the ending still qualifies as a good one.

4: Did you know it’s Read an e-book week?

I suppose that’s why editor turned author Nathan Bransford has had so many e-book related posts this week on his site. Oh, and speaking of giveaways, here’s a chance to win a nook or a kobo!


“Greek Yogurt? Oh my God, Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt. Oh my God.” Regular yogurt really has never done it for me – and I had read of how wonderful Greek Yogurt was over and over in all kinds of magazines, but it just sounded, well, gross. Then I finally tried it and YUM! Low to no fat, high in protein, rich and creamy – it is awesome. I have it for breakfast almost every day, either mixed with a bit of granola or on top of oatmeal. I’m sticking to my under 300 calories for breakfast goal, and still feel totally full. If you’ve been hesitant to try it – go for it, it really is good! Greek Yogurt in all kinds of flavors from all kinds of brands seems to have exploded onto grocery store shelves, so everybody else must have figured out the same thing I did.

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