The Beginner’s Reel

Day 12 of 17 Days of Irish and we’re still dancing.

Created by GoodGran on Zazzle.

After learning the beginner’s jig, the next dance to be mastered is the reel. Somehow Miss A started to learn the Slip Jig first (which is often called the ballet of Irish dance and is very pretty and delicate), but this semester she got around to learning the reel. Miss A loves the reel, in fact, just a few weeks ago she cried after practice one day when she didn’t get a chance to dance it (I’m not kidding, girl has her own fair share of drama). I can understand why she likes it so much – it’s fun to dance! There is more movement and twirling and the music is very lively…most Irish music inspires toe tapping and hand clapping – but reel music really gets you itching to get up and dance too.

Created by Sallbergs on Zazzle

I found this video of a beginner’s reel from a Feis in Moscow. Irish Dancing in Russia? Who knew! And what’s a Feis? Come back tomorrow for day 13 and I’ll tell you!

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