Yesh, it’s a Feis

Day 13 of 17 days of Irish!

Pronounced “fesh” a feis is a festival of Gaelic arts. For an Irish dancer, it’s a dance competition where they get  a chance to perfect specific steps of their dances to be judged  – there’s a lot more to is than that, if you’re interested – here is the WIKI page on it.

Miss A attended her first feis last year, and to help soothe her nerves (not that the girl gets a great deal of stage fright), I let one of her best friends accompany her:

Her American Girl doll, Nellie, put on her Irish Dancing Duds too.
Her American Girl doll, Nellie, put on her Irish Dancing Duds too.

It was interesting to walk around and see all the various competition areas set up  – there was dancing and music going on all over the place!

Miss A didn’t score high enough to place, but she got a ribbon for dancing, and that was fine with her!

I loved the fact that many families brought items to sell – from brand new class costumes and wigs and hair accessories to gently used dresses and SHOES! (I got a great deal on her current pair of Ghillies). It was a great place to look for bargains on all the stuff a dancer needs. All they needed was someone selling stuff for Miss A’s American Girl doll.

Actually, there are quite a few Irish costumes for AG dolls – we’ll cover that as part of day 14, which is full of ideas for the little people in your home!


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