Green Day

I am a little bummed I ran out of time these last few days and the 17 Days of Irish was cut short…I have had several long days and nights in a row doing quintuple duty and hence, website posts dropped to the bottom of the task list.

I hemmed and hawed about cramming the last 3 or 4 posts I still needed to do in  – but the rest of my week is about as busy as the first half was so I’m going to give myself a free pass on this one and save the posts I  had planned for next St. Paddy’s day. This way, I’m even giving myself a bit of a head start. Look at me, turning negatives into positives.

So while I try not to feel guilty about not having finished what I started with the posts this month, and also try not to berate myself for skipping the gym this morning so I could finish a few things around the house – here are some pics from my St. Paddy’s Day so far…

After starting the morning in a very unlucky way with Lil’ G spilling chocolate milk all over herself, the floor, the cabinets and me  – I was able to whip up a quick batch of Paddy’s Day pancakes.

Green pancakes for Miss A's breakfast

Next, I had a verbal wrestling match with Miss A to sit down and complete the homework we forgot about since she was dancing in a performance last night and we didn’t get home til around 9. While she was working on that, I packed Miss A’s lunch,  hiding a few surprises in there for her.

Yes, there were other items in her lunch besides chocolate gold and a shamrock cookie - but she probably didn't eat any of that.

Lil’ G, Having completely soaked her pajamas in chocolate milk, spent the rest of the morning in her robe  – which she apparently really likes. It took a great deal of wrestling, this time physical, for me to get her dressed. I had a cute St. Paddy’s day outfit for her and really wanted her in some clothes! Then we headed to Miss A’s school to volunteer for lunch time and recess (oh, yeah – I also baked 2 dozen cookies for the class that morning to pass out while Miss A and a school pal who also dances put on a mini show for their class).

Luckily, the last couple of St. Patrick’s Days have been incredible weather wise.  Today was no exception, nearly 70 degrees out, it’s the warmest weather we’ve had in over 4 months, and the kids were fully engaged in the happy-go-lucky spirit. Lil’ G had a blast running around in her new Irish duds.

The tutu is from BitzyBowz - an Etsy shop owned by a friend of mine.
I asked her to make a St. Paddy's day tutu for Lil' G, and it turned out so cute! She made the bow too.
Playing outside lifted Lil' G's spirits - she even humored me and posed for the camera!

The day is not over yet – I never got around to drinking my coffee this morning, and I really feel it now…maybe I’ll treat myself to a certain green logo’d purveyor. I’ve still got classes to teach, and Miss A is in another show tonight. Though I’d love to kick back with some friends in a pub, it will be just as fun to settle in at home for some wine and Irish cheese with the husband after we get our two red heads to bed.

Irish or not,  I hope you all have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day full of luck!

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