Waiting for Spring to Sprung

Spring in the Midwest is often an exercise in frustration. Mother Nature teases us with 1 or 2 days of warmth and sun, then decides to freeze us out (or should I say in – since it forces us back indoors) for a few several more weeks. Spring Break vacation starts tomorrow, (or I suppose today) and looking at my local forecast I need to be reminded of what season it is…since it looks like temps in the 30’s and yes…that s-word.

Here’s a post I wrote during spring break several years ago:

The Biggest Jokester on April 1st is Mother Nature

Then there’s this post from spring break of 2009:

It’s Spring Break! Hope your swimsuit is lined in fur.

While I don’t think the snow will be as bad as that last post…it’s still on the radar and that just ain’t cool. (Pun intended).

Something that helped brighten (again, pun intended) my day was the recent release of Bird’s Party newest E-zine. It’s bursting with bright colors and fun ideas for parties and Easter and, my favorite spread: SPRING! (It’s on pages 18 & 19).

Find a sunny spot in your house, and enjoy digitally flipping through Bird’s Party Magazine – available HERE.

As a bonus, Bird is offering a prize package from her magazine sponsors worth over $100! Visit Bird’s site to find out how to enter HERE.

And, if you live somewhere warm and sunny, wish a bit of it my way please!



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