Miss A earned her Benjamin

A while back I posted about how Miss A was on track to earn enough money to buy the 2011  American Girl of the Year: Kanani. Well, the girl did it. She dried enough dishes, shoveled enough snow (did I mention this is the MidWest? We got some of that white stuff TODAY for peanut butter and jelly’s sake.), put away enough laundry and aced enough Spanish tests to score $100 smackers.

It all worked out pretty swimmingly, Miss A recently celebrated the passing of another year, and we had to head to Chi-town anyways, as she was Irish Dancing at a rather famous location…so a trip to American Girl place was not out of the question. (Note to self: never again try to arrange a trip to Chicago, a dance performance at Navy Pier, a visit to American Girl Place, a birthday party AND a slumber party all in one day – ok?)

Chicago traffic not-withstanding (due to packed parking garages Miss A got the pleasure of not 1 but 2 cab rides that day) it was an incredible moment for Miss A – the culmination of all her efforts. And a lesson as well….she discovered sales tax. I told her Kanani cost $100, and that was what she needed to earn, but when I forked over additional dough at the counter I explained that Kanani actually cost a bit more than her hard earned $100 due to this lovely thing called sales tax (don’t let me get started on all the wacky ways IL is looking to tax its citizens further) – anyway, I told her that I would cover the sales tax this time, but from here on out, any item she set her sights on to save for, she would have to take sales tax into account. “I  hate taxes!” was her response…I think, today of all days,  we can all sympathize.

For now, I’ll let Miss A enjoy the fruits of her labor…and try not to think about how much I’ll be paying in sales tax when we finally manage her big dream: a trip to Kanani’s home…Hawaii.

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