Holding Tight to Summer

Miss A and her Best Buddy (also a Miss A) having a blast on the Fourth of July. I can’t believe that was over a month ago.

Summer, as always, is flying by on sandy winged bare feet. Just as these two friends are holding tight to each other, I feel the urge to hold tight to the dwindling days of the season of the sun.  Two weeks from today the girls will be back in  school, and I’m sure I’ll be snapping pics of the two Miss A’s in their fancy new duds, backpacks full of new supplies,  hearts full of anticipation. But for now we still have two weeks left of lazy mornings and impromptu ice cream dates on the back patio. There is still time for evening walks to the park and playdates at the pool. Summer is still here, and we’ll hold on tight – loving it and laughing while we do.

This photo has been entered I Heart Faces weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is Friendship.



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