Friday Fast Five: “Fall”ing Back in to Things

1. Hello Fall! I don’t care what the calendar says, or that technically, fall doesn’t start for more than a week…Miss A has been in school for almost a month, we lit our first bonfire since late spring over the weekend, it was cold enough to make me want to wear socks around the house, the squirrels in my back yard have been burying all kinds of stuff, taffy apples are back in stores, and I’m craving hot apple cider and cafe mochas. Yep, it’s fall. As such, I hope to fall back into a regular routine – of working out, of writing, and of blogging. In this spirit, I present the first Friday Fast Five of the season.

One of our most favorite things to do as a family is take fall walks. Lucky for us, we live in an area with LOTS of forest preserves.



2. Sometimes (well, most of the time) work-out routines are a dreaded part of life. Yes, I feel cranky and mad if I miss a workout, and yes, I enjoy exercise, but I don’t really enjoy it as much as, say – sitting on my behind and reading a book. Except for Zumba. This is the first workout I honestly look forward to – the time flies by, and I really blast calories.  Currently the Pause routine is a favorite, fast and silly – though I don’t recommend doing it in high heels as shown in the video. I am seriously considering getting certified to teach this. And no, I never stop looking for ways to get paid for something I already enjoy doing.

3. Fall = Halloween. Sure, I’m a little disturbed that in August Halloween stuff was sharing shelf space with back to school supplies, but I admit to loving to decorate for this holiday. I don’t do guts n’ gore, but come October 1st you’ll find my house to be full of plenty of pumpkins and bats and all the cute stuff you can find on crafty sites like TomKat studios – who, by the way, is hosting a great giveway for an awesome Halloween Party Prize Package.

4.  I am in charge of Miss A’s class Halloween party, and already digging up ideas on what kinds of crafts, games and snacks to include. She’s in third grade this year, so I know I need to up the “cool factor” – anyone with some fun ideas, please share them! I was thinking we could do the “Mummy” race where teams of kids try to mummify someone in toilet paper the fastest – but Miss A’s school is very “green” and I’m not sure the use of so much TP would go over well. Unless, of course, I could figure out how to re-use it after the game…stuffing for a craft? Again – if inspiration strikes, let me know! Also, anyone know a good way to make “eyeballs” to put in punch? Frozen grapes?

5. I have never been much for t.v. I usually will have 1 or 2 shows I enjoy (right now it’s The Soup  & Modern Family), but it’s never a big deal if I see it or not. Recently, thanks to Netflix, I got hooked on the show The Ghost Whisperer. At first I checked it out as a bit of “research” for my current novel, since I’m always looking for popular culture takes on the paranormal.  But I got hooked, not so much on the story lines  – which are fine, if exceedingly predictable, but on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s wardrobe. Can whoever is in charge of Melinda’s costumes come shop for me? I love pretty much everything she wears on the show (minus all the crazy hair extensions and 1960’s eyeliner).

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