Lots of Treats for Me

A few weeks back, I learned about a cute little website called Veronika’s Kandy Koated Dreams. I can’t remember how I first found her – Twitter maybe? Or perhaps her site popped up while I was looking for something Halloween related. Either way, I’m so glad I did! Not only because she does a wonderful job updating her site regularly (a feat which I cannot seem to manage) with lots of cute ideas, tips, and pics for everything from fashion to food, but also because she recently hosted an INCREDIBLE awesome Halloween Giveaway – and guess who won…yeah, you probably guessed me, otherwise why on earth would I be even telling this story?

I have to say, I have had my fair share of interweb luck and won some sweet contests, but to date this has been the sweetest of all. She put so many wonderful things together in this giveaway! To top it off, she packaged it all up so cute and creatively that when it arrived, I felt like it was my birthday!

Here’s the package after Lil’ G and I pulled it in from the doorstep.

Upon opening the box, Lil’ G immediately confiscated this cutie for herself.

There was an adorable card, written on a cat mask (and as you can see above, the envelope was awesome too!)

Lil’ G decided she had to have the mask as well (if it had anything to do with cats, it’s hers).

There was also some fun stuff to help decorate my house, including this votive holder that matches the Halloween tablecloth on my dining room table perfectly.

And this “Bootiful” sign, which now sits with Mr. Bones above my message board:

And not to leave out Miss A, there were some luscious lip glosses (Miss A and her friends are SO into lip gloss these days!)

You think all that would be enough to make for more than an awesome giveaway, right? But Veronika also included a set of Philosophy lip glosses (which I kept for myself, thank you very much) along with matching Philosophy Halloween themed bubble bath. There was a sweet little orange and black purse that I gave to my sister as a thank you for babysitting this past Friday night (so the husband and I could explore the spooky parts of Fright Fest sans kids). And also a bag of Godiva chocolate coins that I gave to my husband (ok, I admit I ate one of them too).

Still, that’s not all! There was also a gift card to Starbucks (can you see why I felt like it was my birthday?) and an awesome “Good Witch / Bad Witch” coffee mug.ย  We were getting ready to leave for a Halloween party when the box arrived, so I had Miss A snap a few pics with the mug (I couldn’t resist).

The pics turned out so cute, I was inspired to turn them into a mug too:

I hope you have a Happy Halloween, as full of treats as mine has been! If you haven’t stopped by Veronika’s site, pay her a visit – she just posted a series of adorable Halloween costumes.

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