Third Time’s The Charm, So What You Waiting For?


Whether you’ve been living in a cave and have yet to hear the buzz about UbiSoft’s Just Dance games, or are a dancing fool who has already worked up a sweat getting down to Just Dance 1 and 2 – you’re going to want to check out the latest and greatest arrival to the party: Just Dance 3.

From ages 3 to 33 (ok, I’m 35 – shhh) the ladies in my house are having a blast putting this game through its paces. I am not ashamed to admit that over the weekend I was schooled by a 10 year old…but I will be demanding a rematch in the near future.

So what makes JD3 so fun? Well, from a simple bystander’s point of view – the entertainment value alone is worth its weight in gold (which I hear is pretty pricey right now, so that’s saying a lot).  Simple sit back, relax, and bust a gut while watching your friends bust a move. Then there’s the game itself – an addictive mix of high energy dance moves, good ol’ fashioned competition, and the lure of showing off. Who wouldn’t have fun?

One of the things I liked best about JD3 was the eclectic variety of songs:  recent hits like Jesse J’s Pricetag andTaio Cruz’s Dynamite kept the 10 and under set dancing with happy feet while old school keepers such as a-ha’s Take on Me and Bananarama’s Venus made me feel like I was the one who was 10 again.  When we played as a group we let each player have a turn choosing the song, and I think some new favorites were discovered by all.

Worried you’ll burn through the playlist too quickly? Have no fear: all that dancing earns you “Mojo” points which will allow you to unlock cool stuff like new choreography! And if that’s still not enough, there is a song store where you can purchase new tunes using Wii points (at the “price” of 250 points a song). All the players had fun trying to earn (“unlock”) medals.

A sweet aspect of the Wii version of the game is how simple it is to play. Pop the disc in, grab a controller and start dancing! Nothing else to set up, attach, or coordinate. I was impressed how well the Wii picked up the players’ movements without any of the fancy extra equipment some other systems require. Also, as you can see in the following video – players can move around quite a bit and not worry about being outside the “play zone”  – this is especially important when trying to perform the more advanced group choreography.

Maybe you already own Just Dance 1 & or 2 and are wondering why you could possibly need a 3rd version of this game.  Well, if a whole bunch of new songs and dance routines isn’t enough to convince you to add JD3 to your game library, maybe some of the shiny new bells and whistles will. A few favorite new additions included the dance crew option (where each of up to 4 players has their own specific choreography) and the dance mash-up.

Another new option is the “Just Sweat” selection – where you can make exercise more fun and less work. Track your fitness while dancing up a sweat using the included “7 Day Challenge” option where JD3 becomes your own funky personal trainer for a week…what a great way to get a jump start on those New Year’s resolutions! The more I think about it, the more I realize how this game could help me keep all kinds of resolutions this year: lose weight, exercise more, do more fun stuff, spend more time with my kids…playing JD3 is a way to achieve all these things.

Speaking of New Year’s  – I can’t wait to make JD3 a part of my family’s celebrations this year. There is a non-stop shuffle option that will help keep the party going all the way to midnight and on into 2012.

Whether you use it to keep playdates exciting or to relieve your own holiday stress, I highly recommend you pick up the game today. Wrap it as a gift to the whole family, since everyone in the family is sure to enjoy it! It’s available on Amazon for less than the cost of an average dinner out for a family of 4. Don’t want to wait to have it shipped to you? Then head on over to your local Toys R Us, where you can find JD3 waiting on the shelf.

But what if you don’t have a Wii? Here’s a chance to make this the Ultimate Christmas for your family – right now Target has an exclusive bundle that includes the Wii, controllers, and a copy of Just Dance 3  – all for around $130. That’s $20 less than the usual price of the console alone! So you can add “save money/spend less” to the list of resolutions this game will help you keep. Not a bad deal at all.

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

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