Star Wars Christmas Day 7: Heroes

When it comes down to it, the Star Wars saga is all about making sure that in the end, the good guys (and gals) win. Over the course of the series, many heroes stepped up to the plate to do their part, and have now found a place of honor on my Christmas tree: immortalized in all their butt-kicking, light saber swinging, bikini-wearing glory.

Qui-Gon: The Noble Rebel
"Old" Obi-Wan, Ben Kenobi: the Mentor
I realized most of my Luke Ornaments are from Empire Strikes Back...I need a Luke from Episode IV, or what some of us still like to call the first movie.

That’s a start on the good guys…more to come, but if I wanted to keep my promise and get this out on time, it will have to be as is…

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