Star Wars Christmas Day 6: Villains

You know what is truly evil? The hectic-ness of the holiday season. I truly enjoy Christmas and pay homage to the idea that “it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” but sometimes, like today for example – it can all feel too overwhelming. I love my Star Wars Christmas tree – I think it’s awesome and I want to share its out-of-this-world awesomeness with everyone…but putting together the posts I had outlined on Day 1 (or 8, depending how you’re counting) is the glob of icing on my proverbial stress-cake…and though it shames me to say this – I am not going to manage to write all my posts…at least, not as I had originally planned.

Yesterday I only managed to briefly introduce 3 of the heroes that grace my tree (sorry,  I know you were all waiting for bikini Leia). I had planned to present ALL of them, from the aforementioned Her Royal Hotness with Jabba-choking chain in hand to a little green Yoda standing by a swamp tree. Today my slacking gets even worse – I’m going to really wimp out and just post one villain…

Mr Big Bad Baddy: The Emperor
You know you’re a bad dude when Darth Vader refers to you as “less forgiving” than he is himself.  Sitting on this throne, I suppose the Emperor thinks he’s large and in charge, but something about this ornament strikes me as silly…like he’s riding in an overgrown amusement park ride…or sitting in one of those motorized baby swings.

So, sorry – just 1 villain is all you’re gettin’. I suppose if there were hundreds (ok, fine 1 or 2) comments gushing about the wonder of a Star Wars Christmas then perhaps I would feel more pressured (obligated?) to stick to my initial intentions.  If a quiet lurker who has been enjoying the ride somewhere out there in a galaxy far far away is reading this…well, I apologize. Here’s my band-aid solution: there are many Christmas seasons to come – so instead of introducing my entire collection this year. I will come back December after December and add a bit more to each day’s post.  I can handle that much (I think).

And since so much of the holidays are about anticipation – what beats waiting an entire year to see what I will choose to showcase next?

So there, I release myself from the guilt of an obligation left unfulfilled.

Now if I could only stop feeling bad about slacking on this year’s Christmas cards.

Come back tomorrow when I will (maybe…) post a bit about the sidekicks of the series.

R-2 fans, this one will be for you.

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