Star Wars Christmas Day 5: Sidekicks

The Star Wars series includes several characters that qualify for the label of “sidekick” – yet despite their second-billing, these Wookies and Droids are interesting and funny and their presence is vital to the story.  Which is why there is plenty of room on the Star Wars tree for them.

First up is Han Solo’s co-pilot and all around good buddy. He doesn’t shave or wear pants – but that doesn’t stop Chewbacca from being 7+ feet of awesome.

Another sidekick, Protocol Droid C3-PO as pictured (in pieces) above, is one-half of the legendary robotic duo from the SW series. The yin to Threepio’s yang is the short, snarky, and steadfastly loyal R2-D2.

Artoo has always been a personal favorite of mine. I find it amazing how much personality is packed into that stout little barrel who only communicates through beeps and whistles. Artoo saves the day at least once in every episode of the saga, which I say could elevate him to hero status…but he’s happy sticking with playing the sidekick role, as long as it leaves him free to annoy the hell out of Threepio.

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