Star Wars Christmas Day 3: Scenes

I have so many favorite scenes across all six movies in the Star Wars saga (though I admit that most are from the films of my childhood: Episodes IV – V – VI).

Some moments from A New Hope include:

  • The bit when Luke watches Leia’s message to Obi-Wan via R2-D2
  • The garbage compactor scene: “Into the garbage chute, fly boy!”
  • Luke & Leia’s  infamous “Swing to Freedom” when she gives him a swift kiss, “For luck.”
  • And the Mos Eisley cantina scene.
This is a 2012 release from Hallmark. My mother-in-law got it for me as a birthday present…I am so lucky!

Why do I love this scene? Because it shows the calm, cool, collected, don’t F with me bad a**ness  that is Han Solo.  It also makes those little moments when we see a softer side of him all the more sweet.  (And it does such a nice job establishing him as Luke’s foil – all my fellow Lit people know what I’m sayin’).Aside from that, the scene ends on such a great line…(who can quote it?)


Apparently, there has been some controversy over this scene, as in later editions, George Lucas modified it so Greedo fires his weapon first. Personally, I don’t care that Han shoots first, in fact – I prefer it.  Like I said, when we first meet him he’s a smuggler, an unapologetic bad boy – a scoundrel. Greedo isn’t sitting down for a nice friendly chat over a beer…trying to make it seem like Han only acted in self-defense takes a bit of that tough guy persona away.

Moving on….favorite Scenes from Empire Strikes Back include:

  • The almost-kiss between Leia and Han on Hoth.
  • Yoda and R2-D2 squabbling like toddlers on Dagobah.
  • The moment on Bespin when Leia tells Han she loves him (and his response? C’mon, you know the answer to this one!)
  • And of course…one of the most famous moments in film history…when Luke learns just who his Daddy was.

A few favorites from Return of the Jedi:

So many great moments in this movie are a result of what could almost be called an inside joke…scenes that are re-worked bits from the first two movies such as:

  • Luke & Leia once again swing to freedom together.
  • Han tells Leia he loves her, she responds the way he did in Empire.
  • Everyone has  “a bad feeling about this” and “delusions of grandeur.”

Other memorable scenes include:

  • When Luke learns Leia is his sister, and then tells her the truth out on the rope bridge in the Ewok village.
  • When Threepio is worshiped as the God of the Ewoks, and Han isn’t too happy about being the main course in the new deity’s celebration meal.
  • When Luke saves Vader from himself, and looks upon his father’s true face.

Any of these moments immortalized in Christmas ornament form would be on my “must-buy” list…so if someone over at Hallmark is paying attention…get going on that, ok?





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