Mental Vacation

It’s Monday…need I say more? OK…here in the MidWest it’s that nasty “Wintry Mix” weather outside today. You know, that stuff that sounds like a tasty snack but is actually disgusting slush that is extremely unpleasant to walk through. Also, on the family agenda tonight – shopping for new cell phones. (Visiting the phone store w/children in tow has to be a circle in hell, maybe 2 circles: 1 for the parents, and another for the other customers who can’t stand my noisy-touch-everything-in-sight kids). On days like today, I’d love to just curl up with a book and take a mental vacation…even for a few minutes. Now I’m thinking about books and vacation and remembering how delicious it is to sit in the sun, out by the lake with a good book and no schedule – oh, man – now I REALLY need that mental vacation!

I’ve hooked Miss A on the reading = escape equation. She is always snuggling up in my papasan for some reading time, and here she is from this past summer, indulging in one of my favorite vacation activities:

Like Mama, like daughter 🙂

Hope you find a few minutes this Monday to take your own mental vacation!

This photo has been entered in the I Heart Faces weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is By the Book.

Photo Challenge Submission

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