2nd Annual 17 Days of All Things IRISH

Happy March! If there’s one thing to celebrate today, it’s that another February has gone away (actually, compared to Feb of 2011, this Feb wasn’t so bad).

March means spring and green! Green means…St. Patrick’s day! The one day everybody suddenly remembers they have a wee bit of Irish in them.

Last year I started the annual tradition of posting all kinds of St. Patty’s themed stuff from March 1st – 17th. I didn’t quite make it to 17, but I didn’t do too bad for my first attempt, and since I did say “annual” I’m back again to give it another go with all new stuff! If you missed the fun last year, you can check out the first annual posts HERE, or just click on the tag ALL THINGS IRISH from the tag cloud on the left sidebar.

Today we’ll start with something sweet and simple that I found while indulging in my latest addiction – Pinterest. One of my favorite Pinners – Pam from Over the Big Moon, pinned this fun little printable, courtesy of A House Full of Moxie:

How cute and easy! Get the free printable at Moxie’s website (you’ll see it in the right sidebar).

Take the kids to the bank and cash in a $1 for 100 of the shiniest pennies the bank teller will give you. Then let them have a blast passing out a little bit of luck to all their friends on St. Patty’s Day!

Now that you’ve a bit of luck in your pocket, I hope the days leading up to the 17th keep you smiling!

Oh, and if you can’t wait to see what else is in store for the 2nd Annual 17 Days of All Things Irish, then check out my ALL THINGS IRISH pin board. You can bet a few things will be hopping on over here from there! (And that’s a bet you’ll win, lucky or not!)


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