All Things Irish 2012: Day 3

Is your doll ready for St. Patrick’s Day?

During the first 17 days of All Things Irish I talked about how much fun Miss A had taking her American Girl Doll Nellie (an Irish immigrant) along to her first feis. Nellie, of course, was dressed in her Irish dance duds too.

My favorite part of the outfit is the shoes - those tiny ghillies are adorable!

Unfortunately, the AG Irish Dancer outfit is no longer sold (there’s always e-bay!). Over at Build-A-Bear, however, you can get a cute Irish Dancer dress for $12.50. I have had some luck with B-A-B stuff fitting American Girl Dolls, so it’s worth a try if you can’t find the AG version (or if the price is too outrageous).

And speaking of American Girl dolls,  for Miss A’s b-day last year we took her and Nellie to American Girl Place and let them have some fun in a photo session:

Isn't this so cool?!? The doll's outfit came with a matching head piece for Miss A too.

And since I mentioned  tiny ghillies – check out these mini Barbie-sized ghillies!  (And if you don’t know what “ghillies” are, take a look as this post from last years All Things Irish).

Miss A has the Irish Dancer Barbie, and this Irish Princess Barbie:

Ok, I admit, I haven't let her play with this Barbie - she is just too pretty to take out of the box!

Speaking of pretty Irish Princess Barbies, apparently, there are LOTS of them!

Photo part of a news article:


If you’d like your American Girl doll to be Celtic Princess too, check out some of the gorgeous outfits I found on Amazon:

The seller is Carpatina LLC, and they have some AMAZING dresses for AG size dolls…there are many more I love (but I need to remember I’m not buying them for me…I was never into dolls as a kid, so I must be making up for it now or something).

I mean, look at this one: A French Medieval Dress with Cape? I want to wear this myself!


I’ll try to control the impulse to do some internet shopping, and see you tomorrow for Day 4!

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