The Follow Up Tap Dance and A Bit of Begging

Nearly a month ago I got out my horn a did a boot of tooting…my novel had won first place in a contest! Go me! Toot-toot! It was exciting and felt good because, well – winning always feels good. Also, it was that whole Sally Field thing: “I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now you like me!” (Only in this case it was “They like my writing! They really like my writing!)

Well, here is my follow-up tap dance. I got a lovely plaque (Accolades – yesss!) And of course I have to post a picture. What else is the internet for if not to proclaim your awesomeness to the world? Oh, right…all the p0rn. Anyway, here is a pic of the plaque, it’s not pornographic, but I suppose you could use your imagination. (Also – there were a lot of p’s in that last sentence).

And now I’ll take my bow…and do some begging. My good fortune has continued, and my novel was selected to take part in the 2012 Baker’s Dozen Agent Auction hosted by the anonymous Authoress who blogs under the title Miss Snark’s First Victim . Out of 400 plus entries, To Catch A Fetch was one of 60 to be selected (25 adult, 35 middle-grade/young adult). If you are curious to see what a story looks like in the pre-published stage, or if you want to know what agents find in their slush piles, then take a read through the entries. All 60 went live this morning. You can read and comment on them through the morning of December 4th. After that, the REAL fun begins, when the 15 participating agents have 24 hours to bid for pages.

Or…if you just want to be nice to me, because my begging has made you pity me – I’m good with that. My entry is number 10, you can read it HERE. Comments are most welcome. Of course I want you to be honest, but if words like: “Brilliant!” “Amazing!” or “I HAVE to read the rest, I can’t wait until it’s published!” happen to pour from your keyboard, I promise I won’t mind.

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