Bringing the Disney Magic to the JustDance Series

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Poke around on my blog a bit, and you’ll know two things for sure: my family loves the JustDance games and Disney stuff. So as you can imagine, we were thrilled to get a chance to play and review the JustDance Disney Party game…two things we love rolled into one!

The game playing had to wait a bit, since it arrived in the mail only a day before we headed out to…you guessed it – DisneyWorld! While there we did plenty of real dancing…

with a lovely Indian dancer in Animal Kingdom…
with Stitch in Tomorrowland…
with Frozone in a parade…


and of course, a dance with Prince Charming.

Once home, it was fun to keep the Disney-vibe going…Lil’ G couldn’t wait to fire up the game and play. As expected, her initial favorite song picks centered around her favorite characters: Stitch, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Phineas & Ferb…but as we played more she started to explore other songs, and found some new favorites!

What we liked…

Like buying a pair of Mickey Ears, Lil’ G enjoyed getting to pick her icon (although, 9 times out of 10, she chose Stitch).

There are 4 game modes to choose from, including two options that are much more “Mini” friendly – in that they are easier for younger players to score points and earn stars.

Lil’ G always picked the “Freeze and Shake” mode. I can understand why, with simple easy to follow instructions to “shake” and “stop,” she could rack up the points and earn as many stars as her big sister!

With 25 songs to choose from, you get a nice variety to keep almost everybody happy…for my older daughter, there are songs from the tweeny Disney shows like Shake It Up, Good Luck Charlie, and a family favorite – Wizards of Waverly Place. For the boys, there are songs from Phineas and Ferb (Squirrels in My Pants anyone?) and the Jungle Book.

Though even the boys can enjoy a little “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.”

What we didn’t like…

Sure, 25 songs is a lot…but of course there are plenty of songs I would have loved to see on the list…I’m not sure if there will be an option to buy new songs with Wii points like you can with other JustDance games, but hope this option becomes available.

Overall, the graphics and play-ability didn’t seem up to par with the other JustDance games – I wonder if that is because the Disney version is marketed to younger children who may not notice or care about the finer details.

If you choose to play song by song a la carte, you will need to continually select all the little options like you ears icon, the language preference, the male/female dance preference, etc. It’s a lot of extra steps each time you want to play another song, and can get tedious quickly. There is a playlist option, which I haven’t tried yet…I’m hoping once I set one up, it will eliminate the need to re-select choices between each dance.

Overall this game is a winner in our house – Lil’ G brought it along on a playdate and it kept the kids moving and grooving for quite some time.

If you want to bring some musical Disney magic home too, you can find JustDance DisneyParty on Amazon (where it’s on sale for $20!) It’s also available at ToysRUs. For more info about the game, including a complete list of song titles, check out the official Ubisoft Just Dance Disney Party Page.


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