A Kiss to Build A Dream On

That’s what tomorrow’s post is, really. I dream of landing a literary agent – the one who will be the perfect match for me and my novel(s). This Valentine’s Day, fate may smile upon me, and with a little help from a certain Cupid, my dream could come true.

Tomorrow morning I enter Cupid’s Literary Connection Kissing Contest. Over the next few days “kissing experts” will read the fifty or so kissing scenes entered in the contest and decide which scenes earn the following honorable mentions:

Sweetest kiss: Sugar Lips Award
Most embarrassing/funniest kiss: Color Me Red Award
Most intense/hottest kiss: Get A Room Award
Most romantic kiss: Swooning Award
Most lovable characters: Cutest Couple Award

Each of the ten judges will also award one entry the *Best overall writing: Write In The Kisser Award* – that’s the Golden Ticket that gets the writer admission into the second round, which takes place next week on CLC’s blog. Then on that most romantic of days, (no, not National Drink Wine day, that’s Feb 18th) the experts and Cupid herself will choose 3 favorites from the top 10.  Consider this prize a Platinum Ticket – which gets the three winning writers into the agent round of the Blind Speed Dating event happening at the end of the month.

And it all starts with a kiss…

Hope to see you here tomorrow!

Til then, here’s one of my favorite movie kisses:

Watts and Keith from Some Kind of Wonderful: The Kiss That Kills. I love this movie, I love this soundtrack, and I LOVE this kiss. When you see his fingers tighten on her hips…wow. Did it just get hotter in here?

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