8Sentence Sunday (2): Nuts for Nutella


Happy Sunday, fellow Weekend Writing Warriors!

Today’s eight sentences are in honor of World Nutella Day (February 5th, which I believe is also National Pancake Day…at least, according to IHOP…oh, and yesterday Feb 9th – which was National Bagel Day. Did you get your free bagel?).

Ronan Evans, the hero of To Catch A Fetch, is a man of simple needs.  However, one of the few creature comforts he insists upon is Nutella…and he always makes sure he has plenty on hand – as Devyn and her friend Pam discover in the following scene:

Pam stepped back to let Devyn peek inside the pantry. The shelves were bare, except for one, crammed full with jars of Nutella.

“So the guy likes Nutella, big deal.”

“So?” Pam eyed the rows of white-capped jars. “You don’t think it’s a little weird?”

“Not serial killer weird…just eccentric weird. I went to school with a kid who only ate lemonade and hot dogs.

And that’s this week’s 8! Please visit the WeWiWa home page to see a list of this week’s participants.


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