What Gets Me Through February

When I asked what my least favorite month of the year is, I can answer without hesitation – it’s February. I’ve spoken on my distaste for this month before. Lucky for me, there are a few bright spots of warmth in this bitterly cold, dark (and blessedly short) month to help get me through.

Of course there’s Valentine’s Day, and I am not ashamed to admit my significant other and I enjoy this excuse of a holiday to celebrate our love for chocolate each other. We are staunchly opposed to the great pretender (AKA Sweetest Day), but Valentine’s Day is cool with us. We exchange cards and gifts and have a candlelight dinner at home on the rarely used dining room table. Of course, we are dining with our two children, so the atmosphere isn’t very romantic…but love is certainly in the air and our girls really enjoy it too. (Oh, and there’s chocolate).

So, what does a nerdy couple such as ourselves bestow upon one another on this day of love? Why, nerdy stuff we love, of course!

For my retro-videogamer and lover of all things Zelda husband, I got him the recently released book: The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia. Funny story about this gift, the week before V-day he showed me a picture of the book on his phone and told me he’d like it for his birthday (still a few months away). I just nodded,  grinned, and told him I hope he knew how awesome his wife was. (You see, I had pre-ordered the book awhile ago and already had it hidden in the house wrapped as his Valentine’s present).

As awesome as I can sometimes be in the gift giving department, the husband is no slouch either. Example: for Christmas, he got me this sweet Harry Potter “Marauder’s Map” necklace:

I love this little ode to mischief.

And on Valentine’s Day he followed up with another piece of Potter bling: a golden Snitch necklace:

Snitch Necklace


So to all the other nerdy couples out there, I hope you enjoyed Valentine’s Day with some snuggle time watching re-runs of The X-Files. (OK, so maybe that was just us)

And somebody knew what they were doing when they added the following “holidays” to the calendar: National Drink Wine Day was Monday February 18th and Friday February 22nd was National Margarita Day.

In honor of National Margarita Day I mixed myself a Blue Rita.
In honor of National Margarita Day I mixed myself a frozen Blue Rita.

Did you have a chance to celebrate either of these? If not, you can make up for it on Sunday by drinking lots of wine and ritas while indulging in the only other thing to look forward to in this effing month that has that effing extra R in its name just because it likes to eff with you: Oscar Night. I haven’t seen any of the nominated movies (um, I managed to get to a theatre only 3x in 2012: two of the movies I saw involved girls who liked bows and arrows, and the third was about some vampires (no, not THAT movie – the other one, the animated one about a hotel).

Can you guess the 3 movies I saw? I’ll make a guess of my own (I won’t call it a prediction, that would indicate some thought went into this) – I’m thinking Best Picture will go to Argo. Either way, I know one thing for sure – by next Friday February will be over, and I can’t wait to blow kisses as I  wave it a big movie star good-bye.

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