8Sentence Sunday (4): A Break in the Clouds

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For this week’s eight, I’m taking you back inside To Catch A Fetch. In this scene Devyn and Ronan are driving through the Pennsylvania countryside on a gray morning. The time spent on the road softens Devyn’s resolve and she begins to ask questions about Ronan’s claim to be a ghost hunter. He uses the scenery around him to help illustrate elements of the paranormal.

Devyn studied the shaft of sunlight slanting through the break in the clouds. “How does the veil—assuming it exists—work?”

Ronan suppressed a grin, “Assuming that, I suppose the best way to describe the veil would be to call it a sheet of fog. Imagine that fog getting infused with a charge of energy.”

“Like static electricity?”

“Similar, but this energy current is unique to the paranormal.  I know that word seems to freak you out Devyn, but all paranormal means is not normal, as in something outside the range of normal experience…this definition can cover a lot of things.”

“Yeah, like my Aunt Betty’s choice of hair color.”

I’m hoping for my own break in the clouds soon—To Catch A Fetch is a finalist in the Agent Blind Speed Dating contest hosted by Cupid’s Literary Connection. My entry (#51) is up now, but the contest does not begin until tomorrow. Only agents are allowed to comment on the entries. You can see a list of the agents who are participating and read the rules for the contest HERE.

Thanks for stopping by! I have a very busy Sunday ahead, but am looking forward to reading and commenting on many of my fellow Weekend Writing Warriors tonight while I watch the Oscars.  If you’d like to take a look at some more snippets, visit WeWriWa for a list of this week’s “Eights.”


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