8Sunday (7): In Honor of Pi Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Yes, it’s 3/17—and as a mom to an Irish Dancer, I’ve been hopping all over the Chicago suburbs, taking her to performances. But I’m taking a moment this morning to slip jig  in here with my eight sentences! (Random fact: did you know the slip jig is called the ballet of Irish dance, and is only supposed to be performed by females?)

Today’s snippet (from To Catch A Fetch) is  in honor of another day in March: 3/14, the unofficial holiday math teachers across the nation celebrate the formula for pi (3.14 and a lot of other numbers) by having students bring in lots of pie.  My heroine, Devyn, loves pie. It’s a guilty pleasure for her.  And she indulges in this pleasure at a place called Delilah’s…here are Ronan and Devyn on their way to the house of sin pie:

Devyn hadn’t been to Delilah’s in more than a month, and once the idea popped into her head, she couldn’t get there fast enough. While she waited for Ronan to take a quick shower, she daydreamed about flaky, buttery crusts and forkfuls of sweet succulent fruit. By the time they got on the road, her taste buds were in a frenzy of anticipation.

“If I gain five pounds in the next hour or so, it’s your fault,” she told Ronan as they wound their way through town.

“And I’m guilty how?” he asked.

“All your talk about the number seven,” she reminded him.

“I don’t recall mentioning desserts anywhere in the conversation, although gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins.”

“I don’t care, one bite of Delilah’s pie, and you’ve died and gone to heaven anyway.”

And that’s today’s 8! Hope my fellow  Weekend Writing Warriors are spending a  very happy St. Patrick’s Day morning reading snippets over eggs n’ kegs (or like me, a dram of Baileys in my coffee). Visit the WeWRiWa site to see a list of this week’s participants...and if you can catch some Irish dancers performing somewhere in your corner of the world today, please do!



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