8Sunday (8): Astley or Ashly?

Good Morning fellow Weekend Warriors! Today’s 8 is from early in To Catch A Fetch, when Pam, Devyn’s boss, announces she is getting married…to a man named Rick Ashly.

Pam glared at her from across the sofa and growled,  “Don’t you ever call me ma’am again.”

Devyn laughed, “I don’t know, it might be better.”

“Better than what?” Pam got to her feet, pillow at the ready.

“Better than being called Mrs. Rick Ashly,” Devyn said, mischief tugging at the corners of her mouth.

Pam narrowed her eyes and took aim.

Devyn dodged the pillow and snickered, “At least you know he’s never gonna give you up…he’s never gonna let you down.”

A muscle twitched in Pam’s cheek, “That’s Astley, not Ashly you know.

Ignoring the correction, Devyn grabbed Pam’s hands and crooned, “Never gonna run around and desert you.”

Hope you enjoyed it! Do you know anyone with a name that sounds like someone famous? (I can’t help but think of the Michael Bolton bit from the movie, Office Space)

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And on the subject of Rick Astley, from time to time I do game reviews for UbiSoft as a member of the Clever Girls Collective. Over the holidays I reviewed JustDance4…which includes the song referenced in today’s snippet. It’s hard not to laugh while dancing to this song, especially since the JD4 character dances while wearing orange underoos…but we also experienced some screaming, due to a surprise that pops up in the background of the game:


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