8Sunday (9): Chocolate Temptation

Happy Sunday! Welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post.

To see the full list of this week’s participant, take a look at the WeWriWa site.


Before I begin, I need to note that I had intended for this to be last week’s post…when many of us would be waking up to hidden eggs and baskets of goodies (often filled with chocolate). All that chocolate had brought to mind a scene from To Catch A Fetch, involving Rhys and Gabby (the main characters of the second book in the series: To Hide a Haunt. I first did a snippet from that book HERE). Somehow or another, I had thought I was signed up for the 31st, but when I checked the list last Sunday morning, I wasn’t on it…oops. No worries, a missed Sunday here and there will happen, and it’s never a bad time to discuss chocolate, right?


Rhys watched as Gabby scooped up some more brownie and held it out to him, “You’re sure you don’t even want to taste this?”

He shook his head and tipped his chair back, balancing on the rear two legs.

“Suit yourself,” she licked her fingers and sighed with pleasure. “Devyn must have really been ticked off about something, she never bakes unless she is pissed—calls it therapy.” Gabby pointed at the pan of brownies sitting on the table,“She saves these for when she’s completely, totally, ultimately, royally peeved…I remember, I had a special name for ’em.”

Gabby leaned forward, palms flat on the scarred wood of the old farm table, her face close enough he could see the haphazard slivers of violet and gold in her green eyes. Her cocoa scented whisper wafted over him as she tilted her head and spoke low in his ear, “Knock You Naked brownies.”

The front legs of Rhys’s chair hit the floor with a bang.

So that’s this week’s 8! I hope you found it tasty. Enjoy your Sunday, and may your spring be filled with blessings. I hope last week your basket was filled with treats…chocolate or otherwise. My Easter Bunny always leaves me bottles of booze, what treats do you most like to find in your basket?

wine in my basket

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