We Both Believe (another X-Files Top 5)

It’s 2016, and a new season of The X-Files is about to start. Yes, you read that right. Look. I don’t care if this ends up being “The New Adventures of Old Mulder and Scully” I’m excited about this. So is the husband, who enjoyed watching The X-Files as much, possibly more, than I did.  We were already married back when The X-Files was still on the air, so that gives you an idea of how long we’ve been together.

And, just as I shared my Top 5 Favorite X-Files episodes, in anticipation of the new season – the husband is making a guest appearance here to share his Top 5. He could have posted this on his own website, but whatever. He also could have listed the season and episode number, but he didn’t do that either. Luckily, I looked them up and added the links for you. The cool thing is, we did not compare notes before compiling our lists, so it is neat to see a few on our lists overlap. We tend to never agree on stuff like this, so it’s a rare moment.

#5 Monday: Anything resembling Groundhog Day will always be a major hit with me. Yeah, I know Groundhog Day is based off an episode of The Twilight Zone but that’s beside the point. The whole living the same day over theme works so well because I think it reminds people of their daily lives. We all think “I just got keeping doing the same day over and over until I get it right” each morning. Sorry, didn’t mean to get all depressing there.

#4 Field Trip: “It was all just a dream” is a bit of an overused trope but it’s acceptable once every 6 or so seasons.

#3 Humbug: I’m pretty sure this was the first episode that tried to be humorous and it accomplished that while still maintaining the creepy feel of the series.

#2 Bad Blood: I hoped for a couple seasons that The X-Files would do a vampire episode and I never expected they’d take the comical route with it. Vampires we’re overdone in the 90s so it would have been easy to do a “serious” episode about them. Instead they produced something that holds up today precisely because vampires stereotypes are overused. Instead of romantic figures they’re bumbling carnies.

#1 Jose Chung’s From Outer Space: OK, so obviously I like the comical episodes of the show. Laughs aside this has an interesting story that is never really resolved. The main theme is that none of the characters are really sure what happened and by the end neither is the viewer.

And for added fun, he also wrote his list of predictions for what would be on my Top 5 list (before I posted my list, of course). I wonder how he’ll do…

“Let’s see if I can guess my wife’s picks for her top 5 episodes:

5) The Goldberg Variation – I don’t think she’ll pick many episodes past season 5 but I think this was one she enjoyed. Maybe I just think she enjoys the “lovable loser” characters since she’s stayed with me for a while.

4) Humbug – This one she’s definitely said she likes so I assume it’ll make the list.

3) Small Potatoes – She does a great impression of fake Mulder doing the “F… B… I…” routine in the mirror.

2) Bad Blood – This is another one she’s mentioned liking more than once.

1) Elegy – I’m pretty sure she has a book that was at least partially inspired by this episode.”

Wow, he nailed it pretty close! And almost in perfect order. Not bad…almost psychic, one could say. And I do like The Goldberg Variation, which has a great premise and is set in Chicago, but I don’t think it would make my top 10.