Past Moments

Just for kicks, (and sometimes, cuz I feel like talking about something without making a whole post about it) I’ll add a little note in the “As Of This Moment”  sidebar. But after awhile, those “As of This Moments” are from a long time ago…like when dinosaurs were around…you know, in the 1980’s (you’ll have to ask Miss A about that). So consider this an archive of sorts…and if you’re bored…I mean really REALLY bored, skim through here and relive the drama of this Mama.

5/10  …Aaack! Just realized I have just a little over a month left to polish up my NaNo novel and still get a free proof copy.

3/10 …NetFlixed Donnie Darko. Methinks someone went to the David Lynch School of Directing.

1/10 …Miss A’s 2nd full day of charter school – I miss her like crazy!

1/10 …A little embarrassed to admit it, I just bought Paparazzi by Lady GaGa from itunes

12/09 …Lil’ G’s favorite new word (aside from “Princess”) is “COOKIE!”

12/09 …Green Sharpie Marker + My MicroSuede Couch + Lil’ G = Bad Times.

11/26/09 …Just saw New Moon – is it wrong that I thought it’d be worth a crack on the head if it earned me a Jacob taking off his shirt? I’m nearly twice this boy’s age…I feel a little squicky.

11/16/09 …Passed 30k! Woo-hoo, more than half way there, though my writing buddy is totally schooling me.

11/10/09 …Yay! I found my phone (it had gotten stuck in a little pocket on my passenger side door). Boo! My treadmill is flipping out and needs the motor belt replaced.

10/30/09 NanNoWriMo starts tomorrow night! My buddy and I plan to start at midnight…woo-hoo for daylight savings and that extra hour.

10/16/09 Oh joy, I just caught Lil’ G playing in the toilet… with my toothbrush.

9/27/09 …Had to turn the heater on for the first time today, now I’m seriously jonesing for some hot cocoa.

9/18/09 …To write or not to write…NaNoWriMo gets going soon…I’m thinking of going for it…oh man, I need a writing buddy to push me, bully me, and bribe me with Starbucks.

9/8/09 Miss A swallowed her loose tooth this morning while drinking chocolate milk…oh man, do I look for it after, um, you know?

8/28/09 Time to get serious. 1st grade homeschool gears up on Monday. Why do I feel like I’m diving into the deep end of the pool?

8/21/09 It’s rainy and gloomy out today, I want to curl up in my yoga pants and drink tea and read romance novels all day.  Somebody else want to clean my house and parent my children for a few hours?

8/8/09 Saw the movie Aquamarine at the Circle Store for $5 on Monday…the # of times Miss A has watched it is approaching double digits already.

8/5/09 Is it possible to make Margarita flavored water? I’d buy it.

7/27/09 Miss A is having a sleepover, they’re watching the movie, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Remember that movie? I watched it at so many sleepovers it is permanently associated with giggling and insomnia.

7/17/09 I think Miss A may need to take a break from all the Star Wars she has been soaking up…this morning she tried to use the Force on me to convince me she had already brushed her teeth.

7/9/09:  I am about to go on an e-book spending spree. Then I need to find a place in my house to hide so I can read.

7/4/09:  Is it wrong that we are skipping fireworks tonight since nothing can really compare to those we saw at Disney? There’ll be at least a couple hundred set off down the street, so we’ll still get all the sound effects.

6/24/09: There is something really wonderful about a cool shower and really cold beer after playing sand volleyball in crazy Midwestern sauna conditions.

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