Major News Flash- I’m Not Fat!

I love that commercial for, I think, Quaker Oatmeal. The one where all the women in it go through their daily routine with a scale chained to their ankle, dragging along behind them, while Willie Nelson croons “You Were Always on My Mind.” I never fail to chuckle with self-deprecating commiseration.

As I was looking up some info for diet and exercise, I came across this body fat calculator and, after entering the required info – check it out! I am on the lower side of acceptable!!! Yeah! So, while I still plan to continue working towards weight loss goals (I would love to be in the athletic range for body fat rather than merely acceptable) at least I know I am not obese!
I told my husband (who I will never reveal my actual weight to, just out of principle) about this, and he said, “Duh – I could have told you that, I know you’re not fat.”

I love that man.

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