I might as well face it…

…I’m addicted to love blogs. It’s true, I can’t believe what a time snatcher reading blogs/message boards has become! I get up early (usually by 6am) and somehow manage to lose all track of time for at least 2 hours – Argh! Like any addiction, the more I read, the more pages and blogs I find to read, and the more time I spend reading them. It all started because I was looking for more info, contacts, etc for writing (since I really want to get moving on publishing my own stuff) but it seems I am spending a lot more time reading about other writers than doing any actual writing of my own. Not to mention my own blog – where I am now, obviously, instead of working on the novel.

So, what’s a girl to do? Some of my parenting magazines mention a technique to use on kids who watch too much t.v.  – to earn an hour of t.v., they first must do an hour of homework (or chores, or physical activity – you get the idea). I think I need to parent myself and do this: from now on, I must log an hour of writing before getting an hour to dig into e-mails, blogs, and my favorite message boards. It will still be 2 hours of computer time, but time better spent!
Now all I have to do is get an hour of exercise in after that and I will be a happy girl.

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