I’m on a roll!

Yee-ha! Maybe it’s the whole back to school feeling I can’t escape, despite the fact that I’m no longer student nor teacher, but these past few days I have been on a writing kick and all I can say is, “I Go Girl!” (hmmm…maybe that doesn’t work so well as a power mantra).

This burst of creative energy is probably partly due to the fact that I have to be on the computer, madly typing away as I struggle to complete a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream for auditions on 8/20. Already typing up a storm seems to have gotten the creative juices flowing, because I have been able to flesh out some plot ideas for the NOVEL. This is not the masterpiece story I want to tell about my grandparents, but a “simple” romance/paranormal that I plan to force finish during NaNoWriMo .

So, good for me, I need to get back to work now.

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