All new! Monday Muse

Yeah…I still have a ba-ga-zillion posts about Disney I plan to torture y’all with…

Yeah…I should be putting together some of those helpful homeschooling posts from Miss A’s 1st completed year (yeah!) of “real” homeschool…

Yeah…I should be posting more pics of Lil G’s adorableness and gushing about said adorableness…

But it’s Monday.

And I just drank a margarita as big as my head (well, not quite, but I’ve never been one who can hold my liquor).

So I’ve decided to initiate a new tradition: Monday Muse. There is so much I want to do, create, explore. So much. But usually all I do is dishes and laundry. All I create are marginally nutritious meals for my family, and all I explore is the next poopy diaper.

Does it sound like I’m in a rut?

I am.

SO to inspire me…and maybe you..I have decided (just like 5 minutes ago) to begin Monday Muse. There are a lot of talented people out there on the www….some, perhaps more than some, are crazy as well, but talented – yes.

I want their talent, and the time they manage to find to devote to their talent, to stir up the creative instincts in my soul (or at least kick my competitive backside into gear…after all, if so and so can find the time to indulge their inner artist/writer/poet/scrapbooker/photographer/painter/chef/dancer/fancy drink maker…then why the hell can’t I?)

Plus, I need a no-brainer idea to get me going and posting on here at the start of each week…so Monday Muse it is!

Today, our featured muse is a Mama and and artist…who did some inspirational postings for the month of May about working your craft “Everyday in May.” Scroll through her May posts….her paintings are INCREDIBLE. And the fact she does all this while trying to take care of a house and its inhabitants…well, that’s what’s inspiring about it, no?

Check out the very first Monday Muse: French Toast Girl

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