Who Isn’t Happy…

…To receive an award? It’s always nice to win an award, and even nicer when it’s unexpected. Like this morning, when I discovered one of my Monday Muses, artist Jennifer DesAutels, had decided to bestow upon me (and some other wonderful women) the Bella Sinclair Art Inspiration award. Originally created by Ces (another MM!) for her dear friend Bella (also an MM…do you see a trend?) I am delighted to receive such a gracious “shout-out.”


It’s just a simple acknowledgment of my desire to fuel my artisic passions (for me that means: writing, photography, scrapbooking, drama, very rarely sewing, and even more rarely drawing) and to help add a few sparks to other Mama Artists out there who may find the flame burning a little low.

Thanks Jenn, for helping me keep my spark alive too.

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