Something Cool For the BookWorm In Me

If you have ever stopped by here for a visit before, you may have noticed I had a helluva lotta links to books…books I was currently reading, books I had read recently, books I planned to read soon – even books I had started to read and put down somewhere and never finished.

I love books. I love reading them, talking about them, shopping for them, thinking about them…and writing them.

But trying to share my love of books in a long and boring list of links isn’t really much fun.

And then along came GoodReads. (let’s not talk about noun and verb placement in that sentence, mmk?)

I discovered it today while poking around FrenchToastGirl’s site (she’s a MM). “Hmmmmm,”  I thought to myself as I looked over her Good Reads widget…”that looks interesting.”

And, boy howdy, but is this site fun. A wanderlust of organizational bliss for a bookworm like me. Much like my old string-o-links used to do, it keeps track of all my am reading, was reading, will read, etc. lists of books…only they do it in a much prettier package. Plus you can link to other readers, post and find reviews, search for books…oh, and there’s trivia. Who doesn’t love a little bit of trivia?

So check out my super-slick new GoodReads widget over to the right, then if you’re feelin’ it – join up and add me as a friend. Because I’m a pathetic shut-in who reads all day and has to beg for social connections. Well, not exactly (except for the begging).

Oh, and if you’re thinking, “Wow, this woman reads a warehouse-store-sized-shopping-cart load of Harlequins,” please remember, it’s all in the name of research. As for all the other romance novels, I just love reading ’em, and I’m not ashamed to say so.

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