10 Things I am Grateful For

Right now I need to do this…my sanity depends on it.

I need to reflect on some good things, big and small that make for a good life; cuz today was a bit on the crappy side. This morning my vacuum cleaner started shooting fireworks, then just decided to shut off – which I guess is preferable to bursting into flames. Later, while outside raking leaves, the leaf blower started to melt its cord. The icing on the cake occurred when my main computer flipped the heck out and crashed beyond anything my beloved nerdy husband has seen before. Oh, and we found another stray hornet flying around the house, a renegade of the nest we know to be hiding in our wall, and which we paid $200 to destroy last week. And did I mention one of my tires has a slow leak? That’s one mystery I can’t wait to solve.

So, at the end of this day of awesomeness, I need to recall some of the more pleasant things in life – to remind me that all is not fried appliances, crapped out hard drives, and hornets from hell.

10. My treadmill still works – some days I fear it is ready to blow up, but I manage to log 4 or so miles on it faithfully most days, and hope to continue to do so. For that matter, I am grateful to have two healthy legs to walk and run and a strong back that doesn’t ache too much.

9. I have a netbook. So even though my “real” computer is out of commision, I still have access to e-mail and the internet, and that staves off the panic.

8. I’m lounging on the couch drinking cold Belgian Beer with the husband. It’s nice to spend the evening like this, even if he’s just channel surfing and I’m blogging.

7. We finally have had a run of nice fall weather. This weekend was warm (and dry) enough for a trip to one of my favorite pumpkin farms, it made for a fun time at our annual Halloween party, and we got to spend a few hours at a local theme park – enjoying the  season before it’s gone. Today was Gorgeous – perfect fall weather  – the girls and I took a break from the schoolwork to run around outside (I raked leaves so I could pretend I was hard at work).

6. I finally managed to clean out my car today. It no longer looks like a homeless shelter. While we’re at it, I am grateful I have a home, and do not have to live in my car or stay at a homeless shelter.

5. After a few weeks of horrendous behavior and a long talk last night, Miss A is really working on trying to do better with controlling her temper, cutting back on the whining, doing her homeschool without arguing, and generally being a “good kid.”

4. I don’t have to work tomorrow. (Well, if you don’t count housework, parenting, and teaching homeschool work).

3. Both my children may have runny noses, but overall are very healthy. I am blessed in so many ways with my girls.

2.  I am going on a weekend getaway soon – just me and some girlfriends. I am grateful for the break from the everyday, I am thankful I have a husband who will take care of things at home so I can go, and I am excited for the chance to have some true, genuine ME time.

1. My birthday is approaching…yes, I am getting older, but it’s still a long way til 40, and I am not ashamed to admit how much I adore presents.

Aaaaah…I do feel better…not as good as a pedicure and a massage would have made me feel – but certainly better than I did a few hours ago while trying to lure a hornet into my garbage disposal.

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