Yes, I am aware…

Yes, I am aware my blog header is still “summer fun” and we have now said goodbye to the first week of November. I plan to have a simply gaw-jus fall banner up before Thanksgiving…I think.

Come to think of it, there are many other ways I can finish that sentence:

Yes, I am aware –

– that there is a small hole on the front of my sweater…I got a little carried away with the fuzz buster.

– that it is 11 pm and I still haven’t started my NaNo word count for the day…guess I won’t be getting in bed til after midnight.

– that I didn’t work out today…well,  we needed to work on Miss A’s science project, I had ZZZ stuff to take care of, and a pile of bills to pay.

What are you aware of? Make some excuses for all the things that haven’t been fixed or taken care of – at least you can say you have acknowledged their existence!

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