Every Day in May

If you were getting tired of all the St. Patty’s green, you’ll be happy to see I finally put up a new header for Spring (I know you’re not supposed to capitalize seasons, but I feel they deserve the respect). I look forward to many more gorgeous days out at the Botanic Gardens like the one from the pics above.

Finally showing my poor neglected blog a little attention has fired me up. I have decided to create a bit of motivation to keep going…this weekend, on May 1st,  despite having to wade through Annie performances, birthday parties, and pancake breakfasts, I shall launch the start of “Every Day in May.” In which I will write a post on my blog, every day, throughout the month of May.

Makes sense, doesn’t?

So c’mon, do it with me!

And if you decide to launch an “Every Day in May” campaign on your own blog, let me know in the comments so I can follow you!

And yes, I also know  that “everyday” should read as one word, but I need the emphasis of two.

So there.

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