Convertibles and Cuties

As I mentioned in my post about great giveaways last Friday, I recently discovered a fun and fabulous site, Living Locurto, well blogger Amy Locurto also co-blogs (is that a word?) a neat photography site called I Heart Faces.  Each week they post a photo theme and accept entries from all kinds of photographers at any and all skill levels.  IHF encourages contributors to view and comment on at least five of the other entries. What a wonderful way to get great photo ideas and learn more about improving your craft!

I am about as amateur a photographer as I can be – I lust after a DSLR, but make do with my point-and-shoot Canon…and this will be my first submission to I Heart Faces….this week the theme is Vrooom! You just need a shot with a face and a vehicle. As soon as I saw the theme, I remembered the pictures I took of Miss A last summer, when she went for her first ride with her Nana J in Nana’s convertible. She was so excited and felt so super cool. How fun is it that she has a Nana to take her for rides in a convertible? Especially since they usually drive to get ice cream. 🙂

* I know, I know, some of my Mama friends would freak a bit on the whole riding in a front seat – but she’s in her booster, it’s perfectly legal, and they only take short trips for treats!

When I first was playing with the SOOC shot, I cropped it to focus on Miss A…but then I realized I wanted to see Nana too, more special that way…more of a complete memory, which is so much a part of why we take a picture in the first place.

So this is my entry, check it out at I Heart Faces, and please, let me know what you think and how you might have cropped it in the comments!

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