Other Car Pics for Consideration

For the I Heart Faces submission, I need to keep my post clear of any photos save the one I entered for the weekly theme…never able to easily choose just one thing, whether it’s a pair of shoes, a flavor of ice cream, or a picture – here are some of the other pictures I had considered that were a tad more famous in nature, like the time Miss A and I saw the flying car of Harry Potter fame:

And of course, there’s the old General Lee (I used PW’s 70’s action on this…it just seemed appropriate, yes, I know Dukes of Hazzard aired in the 80’s.)

And then there was this pose in front of another convertible.

The pose was all their own…should I be worried that this came so naturally for them?
Miss A really has a thing for convertibles, she wants one. Pink. Of course.

In the end, while these others are all fun, great shots of neat cars,ย  it was that picture of Miss A and Nana in the convertible that I first thought of, and it’s the one I’ll go with. Perhaps next time, I’ll take a picture after I find out the theme!

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