Best Face Photo of 2010 (aka Accidental Awesomeness)

So, waaaaaay back in September I talked about a fun on-line photo community called I Heart Faces. Each week they run a photo challenge open to all types of photographers at all levels, stages, abilities – you get the idea.  I had hoped to spend more time both on the site playing with some of their photo tutorials and taking and entering more pictures. Like so many other hobbies I enjoy, it got shuffled to the back of the deck behind dishes, laundry, work, and providing Lil’ G a steady supply of chocolate milk.

But it’s the first week of the New Year, and the gracious folks over at IHF have made it easy on me – the assignment this week is to choose a favorite face pic from 2010.

I knew at once which picture I wanted to enter, it was a shot taken completely by accident – which in my humble opinion, are the best kind.

As summer drew to a close, my family took a trip to Wisconsin for a lovely weekend off lake Michigan. The day we arrived was chilly and drizzly so we ended up taking a tour of the little town nearby. Miss A and Lil’ G had fun strolling with their umbrellas and I snapped some shots, mainly because I had brought my camera along and felt I needed to use it. I’m glad I did, because it landed me one of my favorite pictures of Lil’ G – and my entry for this week’s challenge:

I love this photo, love it. And I hope you love it too.

Check out all the entries for this week’s challenge (and hey, consider adding your own!) by clicking the button below:

And may you all have many moments of awesomeness, accidental or otherwise, in 2011!

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