Fast Friday: Playing Catch Up (or The MIA MAY)

So, May flew by in a crazy whirl wind in which I didn’t post on this here blog once. I apologize if you stopped by for a visit only to see the same April header perched at the top of my site all May long. (Note to self: perhaps it’s best not to indicate a specific month when designing a header).

I hope to get into the posting swing of things again this week, but to catch you up, here are 5 things to re-cap May and pre-cap June:

1. Despite the dearth of blogging time, on the up side this month I kicked my writing back into high gear and have been busting out the pages! I also edited the heck out of my first chapter and entered my first writing contest (I won’t know anything for months, so cross your fingers!) I’ve been inspired and motivated by all the great news many of my fellow Chicago North members shared the past month concerning everything from contest wins to book deals.

2. Every spring we attack one major project around the house.  In 2009 we ripped out the sinking concrete patio and replaced it with brick pavers and a fire pit, in 2010 it was a much less glamorous but very much needed new window well for our basement. 2011’s project was  more fun and rewarding: a master bath remodel. Look for pics and details coming soon – including an explanation of what I like to call the “Hill Billy Fix-It.” Another reason I didn’t find the time to post in May – at one point during the month, my master bathroom looked like this:

Yep, my bath tub was once in that corner...I have no freakin' idea what's with all the foam spray around the facuet handle, but it's gone now!


3.  Today was Miss A’s last day of second grade. Her reading improved by leaps and bounds, and I feel her success is due in part to all the summer reading time we put in last year. She started the school year last fall with a head start and just kept on going. Check back soon for my list of summer reading programs and  incentives that you won’t want to miss.

Readin' on the beach at the start of last summer.

4. I fell behind once again on the whole Monday Muse thing, which bums me out because it’s one of my favorite things to do on the blog. I hope to make it up to you this month with an amazing Monday Muse for June.

5. We are in the trenches of potty warfare and trying our darndest to get Lil’ G (who passed the 3 year mark in May, yet another reason I was a trifle busy) out of diapers. Panty parties, a potty cake, a trip to Disney World and signing up for Irish dance classes have all been used as incentives to no avail. I plan to let her loose buck naked in our back yard this summer and keep the kiddie potty close by. Hopefully I’ll be able to give successful status updates soon, til then – I welcome your potty training advice, horror stories, or simple commiseration.

Lil' G decided she was going to pee in the potty...after over an hour of entertaining her with no results I was ready to give up but she refused to take her butt off the seat - so this was our compromise. Yes, she is sitting on the potty and watching t.v.




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