What LG and the IRS have in common

They both irritate the hell out of me. A year or two ago we were faced with a frustrating and expensive experience with the IRS due to incompetence and general asshattery on the part of someone(S) shabby work. An experience which led me to play the acronym game, as seen here.

As I mentioned recently, many items have been contributing to my stress level lately, among them my barely 3 month old dryer which quit working almost a full month ago. An LG product, and still under warranty, the company sent someone from a local repair shop to deal with the problem…the repair shop they use is operated by baboons. Wait, no, that’s an insult to baboons. 3 visits and nearly 4 weeks later, I’m still waiting for a working dryer. I’ve resorted to drying clothes on a line outside, hanging out at friends and relatives homes to use their appliances, and seriously considering the next dreaded step: going to a laundromat. Yes I know plenty of people don’t have the luxury of a washer and dryer at home and use laundromats on a regular basis – but I spent good money to not be one of those people. Despite numerous calls and e-mails to LG complaining of the slow and pathetic customer service we have been receiving, we are getting no where. “This is highly unusual!” They say. “We’re so sorry!” they murmur – but do we have a working dyer? NO. Look, if our situation was in the realm of normal, we wouldn’t be complaining!!! It’s not – and you should be doing something about it! AS of yet, they haven’t – and to vent some frustration, I shall play the acronym game now…
LG =

Loves Garbage

Looks Ghetto

Lacks Genius

Laughable Goods

Lackluster Goods

I’m gonna quit now, my blood pressure is rising, and I’m getting a headache. Supposedly my dryer will be fixed on Tuesday, if it’s not…bad things may happen.

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