SnippetSunday (11): Soul Searching

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I apologize for the added step this morning, but due to a long list of issues: personal, virtual, physical, and digital, I have not been able to participate in 8Sunday for a month…I am happy to be back on board the WeWriWa train, but for now I have ask you to take one extra step –  to view and comment on this week’s snippet, please visit me at the To Catch A Fetch blogspot page.

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8Sunday (10): Hello Again

I decided to change my selection for today’s snippet at the last minute. It has been a devastating week across America, from terror in Boston to explosions in Texas. Here in Chicagoland we’ve had major flooding, some roads are still closed near me…that is nothing, of course, when compared to the rest—and I send up a word of thanks for my family and my home…I hope all my fellow Weekend Writing Warriors are safe, warm, dry, and with the people they love.  That said, my original snippet just didn’t seem right for today, so I’ll save it for next week. For today, here’s a moment from the epilogue of To Catch A Fetch, part of a letter Devyn writes after receiving a ghostly visit.

The part of me that remains a skeptic is not sure she actually did visit, Ronan thinks it may have been a dream—I’m okay with it either way.

Speaking of dreams, I’ve been having a slew of them; wild, crazy bizarre dreams full of people I used to know, people I’ve never met, and faces that seem vaguely familiar. Pregnancy dreams, I suppose. A lot of pregnant women say they get them.

I’ve also heard lots of women describe the moment they see their baby for the first time. Many of them say it’s like seeing an old friend. They look into their newborn’s eyes and think, “Hello again, I remember you.”

I understand that feeling now.


Perhaps there is no time a good book is needed more than in moments of tragedy and despair…not just to escape reality, but to find hope, and the small sweet pleasure of a happy ending. Take a break from the world and read some more snippets by visiting the WeWriWa homepage.

Weekend Writing Warriors
Weekend Writing Warriors

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A Slumber Party in Kirby’s Dreamland

I can’t believe I am typing this, but very soon…I shall be the mother of a 10 year-old.


Double digits.


A decade.



The realization my baby was no longer a baby was recently driven home when it came time to plan the party. My Miss A wanted the hallmark “I’m growing up, MOM” birthday bash: aka the sleepover.

Which I was totally cool with…after all, I had my first b-day slumber party when I turned 8 (I can clearly remember the three friends who were at my house that night, their faces lit by the glow of the kitchen light off the living room where we lay giggling in our sleeping bags (mine was purple with a Lisa Frank bubblegum machine on it).

Considering this was the girl who spent her time in the womb listening to the Ocarina of Time soundtrack (and the first months of her life with Wind Waker) it was no surprise Miss A had decided on a video-game related theme for her party…her beloved pink puffball: Kirby. And thus the concept for the “Kirby’s Dreamland Slumber Party” was born.

Since it was a slumber party, most of the night would be spent eating too many snacks and talking too loud and staying up way too late. But, I admit, my theme-loving heart couldn’t help but put together a couple of Kirby-related things for the party.




The decorations were simple, pink streamers and pink balloons and a giant pink poster Miss A’s buddies could write birthday greetings on.


And again, because my crafty soul couldn’t help herself,  the girls started the night with a painting project: Kirby Pop Art. I cut a standard poster board into quarters. The girls drew six panels on their board, painting each panel a different color. Then they used sponges cut in circles to paint Kirby’s body. To finish, some girls made Kirby’s features using black paint, some used markers. The results were pretty cute. and all unique.


The painting made a fun keepsake to take home, and for the other party favors, I got lucky and found pink “Chinese take-out boxes” on clearance.




It was a fun, silly, and simple party. And I’m so glad my Miss A can enjoy the things she loves with people she loves.



8Sunday (9): Chocolate Temptation

Happy Sunday! Welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post.

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Before I begin, I need to note that I had intended for this to be last week’s post…when many of us would be waking up to hidden eggs and baskets of goodies (often filled with chocolate). All that chocolate had brought to mind a scene from To Catch A Fetch, involving Rhys and Gabby (the main characters of the second book in the series: To Hide a Haunt. I first did a snippet from that book HERE). Somehow or another, I had thought I was signed up for the 31st, but when I checked the list last Sunday morning, I wasn’t on it…oops. No worries, a missed Sunday here and there will happen, and it’s never a bad time to discuss chocolate, right?


Rhys watched as Gabby scooped up some more brownie and held it out to him, “You’re sure you don’t even want to taste this?”

He shook his head and tipped his chair back, balancing on the rear two legs.

“Suit yourself,” she licked her fingers and sighed with pleasure. “Devyn must have really been ticked off about something, she never bakes unless she is pissed—calls it therapy.” Gabby pointed at the pan of brownies sitting on the table,“She saves these for when she’s completely, totally, ultimately, royally peeved…I remember, I had a special name for ’em.”

Gabby leaned forward, palms flat on the scarred wood of the old farm table, her face close enough he could see the haphazard slivers of violet and gold in her green eyes. Her cocoa scented whisper wafted over him as she tilted her head and spoke low in his ear, “Knock You Naked brownies.”

The front legs of Rhys’s chair hit the floor with a bang.

So that’s this week’s 8! I hope you found it tasty. Enjoy your Sunday, and may your spring be filled with blessings. I hope last week your basket was filled with treats…chocolate or otherwise. My Easter Bunny always leaves me bottles of booze, what treats do you most like to find in your basket?

wine in my basket

8Sunday (8): Astley or Ashly?

Good Morning fellow Weekend Warriors! Today’s 8 is from early in To Catch A Fetch, when Pam, Devyn’s boss, announces she is getting married…to a man named Rick Ashly.

Pam glared at her from across the sofa and growled,  “Don’t you ever call me ma’am again.”

Devyn laughed, “I don’t know, it might be better.”

“Better than what?” Pam got to her feet, pillow at the ready.

“Better than being called Mrs. Rick Ashly,” Devyn said, mischief tugging at the corners of her mouth.

Pam narrowed her eyes and took aim.

Devyn dodged the pillow and snickered, “At least you know he’s never gonna give you up…he’s never gonna let you down.”

A muscle twitched in Pam’s cheek, “That’s Astley, not Ashly you know.

Ignoring the correction, Devyn grabbed Pam’s hands and crooned, “Never gonna run around and desert you.”

Hope you enjoyed it! Do you know anyone with a name that sounds like someone famous? (I can’t help but think of the Michael Bolton bit from the movie, Office Space)

Weekend Writing Warriors label

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And on the subject of Rick Astley, from time to time I do game reviews for UbiSoft as a member of the Clever Girls Collective. Over the holidays I reviewed JustDance4…which includes the song referenced in today’s snippet. It’s hard not to laugh while dancing to this song, especially since the JD4 character dances while wearing orange underoos…but we also experienced some screaming, due to a surprise that pops up in the background of the game:


8Sunday (7): In Honor of Pi Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Yes, it’s 3/17—and as a mom to an Irish Dancer, I’ve been hopping all over the Chicago suburbs, taking her to performances. But I’m taking a moment this morning to slip jig  in here with my eight sentences! (Random fact: did you know the slip jig is called the ballet of Irish dance, and is only supposed to be performed by females?)

Today’s snippet (from To Catch A Fetch) is  in honor of another day in March: 3/14, the unofficial holiday math teachers across the nation celebrate the formula for pi (3.14 and a lot of other numbers) by having students bring in lots of pie.  My heroine, Devyn, loves pie. It’s a guilty pleasure for her.  And she indulges in this pleasure at a place called Delilah’s…here are Ronan and Devyn on their way to the house of sin pie:

Devyn hadn’t been to Delilah’s in more than a month, and once the idea popped into her head, she couldn’t get there fast enough. While she waited for Ronan to take a quick shower, she daydreamed about flaky, buttery crusts and forkfuls of sweet succulent fruit. By the time they got on the road, her taste buds were in a frenzy of anticipation.

“If I gain five pounds in the next hour or so, it’s your fault,” she told Ronan as they wound their way through town.

“And I’m guilty how?” he asked.

“All your talk about the number seven,” she reminded him.

“I don’t recall mentioning desserts anywhere in the conversation, although gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins.”

“I don’t care, one bite of Delilah’s pie, and you’ve died and gone to heaven anyway.”

And that’s today’s 8! Hope my fellow  Weekend Writing Warriors are spending a  very happy St. Patrick’s Day morning reading snippets over eggs n’ kegs (or like me, a dram of Baileys in my coffee). Visit the WeWRiWa site to see a list of this week’s participants...and if you can catch some Irish dancers performing somewhere in your corner of the world today, please do!



All Things Irish: The Kilt Debate

Soooo…in my first year of teaching high school, my classroom was across the hall from another new English teacher, we were friendly to each other as we stood outside our doors during the passing periods, joking with students as they walked in to our rooms, reminding them what homework was due so they could race back to their lockers before the bell rang. Anyways, I kind of always thought of him as a little bit…snooty? I don’t know if that’s the right word…but you get the idea. On St. Patrick’s Day, he came to school dressed in a kilt (alas, not as sexy as it sounds) and I was curious. “A kilt for St. Pat’s?” I asked. “I thought Scots wore the kilts.” He looked across the hall and down his nose at me and said, “Oh no, the Irish wore them first. This pattern has been in my family for ages.” I wasn’t so sure about that…but the bell was about to ring, and as I didn’t care to get into a kilt debate, I shrugged and said, “Cool.”

I had pretty much forgotten that discussion until the subject of kilts came up last night.  A commercial for “Celtic Thunder” flashed across our t.v. screen and the following conversation with my husband occurred:

Husband:  Oh, Celtic Thunder, you saw that group, right?

Me:  (looking up from my Twitter feed)  Huh? What group?

Husband: Celtic Thunder, the strippers.

Me: I don’t think Celtic Thunder is a strip act.

Husband: You saw it with your friends, remember?

Me: You mean Thunder Down Under?

Husband: Right.

Me: (Now thinking about this…) I think I like your idea better. Male strippers wearing kilts sounds good.

Husband: Kilts turn you on?

Me: Um…yeah?!?

I did not realize my husband didn’t know this about me…of course, it’s not like I go around ogling kilted men on a regular basis (though if given the opportunity…)

Which is why it was extra funny a friend on FaceBook posted an ad for THIS COMPANY today. They don’t offer service in my area (yes, I checked) but I still think it’s a hilariously awesome idea. If you are lucky enough to live in area they do have a franchise, I hope you hire them…and send me pictures.

Ok, but back to the kilt debate. So, the whole conversation about kilts reminded me about Mr. McSnooty, the kilted teacher across the hall.  I thought kilts would make a fun All Things Irish post…but my doubt about the veracity of his claim was still there…so I did a bit of Googling – and whaddya know – I WAS RIGHT.  The Irish were not the first to wear the kilt, nor were kilts ever an actual part of historical Irish dress. The patterns of today’s “Irish” kilts were created, for the most part,  by tourist companies looking to sell more crap.  If you want to see more heated Irish/Scottish kilt debate – check out THIS FORUM THREAD on Amazon, of all places.

So take that and smoke it in your peat fire mister.

And stop wearing your kilt on St. Patty’s Day—you look like an eejet.

Sidenote…if you (like me) find kilted men to be attractive (usually), you might want to check out this Tumblr feed, the title says it all: Men In Kilts.