Px3 Part 1

Px3 = Peter Pan Party, but I thought Px3 looked cooler, like a new videogame system or something. The Part 1 is because over the next couple of days (or weeks, depending on how organized I am), I will be posting various bits from Miss A’s recent b-day celebration. We can’t seem to get away from this general theme…2 years ago it was a Pirate and Princess party, last year it was a Fairy & Pixie Party, this year the focus was on the main man Pan. I hope you enjoy the Peter Pan Party Planning Posts (Px5…that’s the REALLY cool videogame system).

I’ll be showing you how to make cheap and easy Peter Pan party hats, sharing pics of how we turned the party space into Neverland (be sure to check out my unintenionally manly mermaids), describe some other Peter Pan themed games, and share ideas on thank you cards and goodie bags.

But for today, we’ll start with the most important element of the birthday party:  the CAKE. Miss A drew up a rough draft of the design for her cake (I’ll be sure to post it here soon…)she was very specific about what it should look like, and I think my favorite cake maker, Beth of ShortCakes, exceeded Miss A’s expectations.


Here's a bigger picture, it was just that good.
Here's a bigger picture, it was just that good.

Really, it was so good, that there wasn’t a spec left.

They done 'et it all.
They done 'et it all.

BabyLegs…Why I can’t stop buying them. BabySteals…My Addiction Enabler.

Why BabyLegs, do you ask?

Ok, so aside from the point that Lil’ G looks freakin’ adorable in them…

See? Adorabale.
See? Adorable.
And just as cute when viewed from here.
And just as cute when viewed from here.
Even just kickin' back with a bottle of cold juice, with BabyLegs, you are always stylin'.
Even just kickin' back with a bottle of cold juice, with BabyLegs, you're always stylin'.

So, aside from all the cuteness, there are all the oohs and aahs from the general public noting the incredible wonderment of said cuteness that is my baby and the even more incredible amazingness of my mad mothering skillz for discovering such an incredible product.

And they’re right to admire me.

BabyLegs aren’t just cute (I did mention how cute they are though, didn’t I? Just checkin’), they are also a Mama’s dream come true. They make diaper changes soooo much quicker (ever try and wrestle a 10 month old out of a pair of tights?), they grow with your baby: I figure Lil G will wear hers from 6 months old to 6 years old. They extend the life of baby’s wardrobe, summer stuff becomes winter wear when teamed up with a long sleeve onesie and a pair of BabyLegs…and if some outfits still fit but the legs are too short, no problem, add a pair of BabyLegs to make up the difference. A final benefit is that, Lil G, like the other females in this house, hates to wear socks. With BabyLegs, I can let her have her naked feet, and if her tootsies get too chilly, I just pull the BabyLegs down low to warm ’em up.

I just LOVE BabyLegs. Can you tell yet?

Love them.
Love them.
I get WAY too excited when a box like this arrives in the mail.
I get WAY too excited when a box like this arrives in the mail.

But all addictions come at a price: I am a sensible shopper. I buy my shoes from PayLess and my clothes from Target or Kohls. Yet, for some reason, I find myself unable to resist buying an item I would normally consider “not worth the money.” Cuz these things?
They are worth the money! Really! Ok, well maybe not worth the $15-$20  or so a pair they’d cost if you bought ’em outright…but if you are a regular at BabySteals like me, your pulse will start to race with excitement if you manage to catch one of the package deals they sometimes do…such as 3 sets of BabyLegs for $21 (and that includes s/h).

“What’s BabySteals” you ask? It’s quite simply a wonderdrug of maternal shopping heaven (ok, actually it’s a website that sells cool baby stuff at deep discounts).  It’s through BabySteals, and the sweet deals they offer, that I have been able to get my BabyLegs fix…and not feel guilty about it (well, not too guilty anyway).

I'd say it's well worth it.
I'd say it's well worth it.

If you want to get your MamaGroove on and buy some BabyLegs, check out the BabySteals site – they’re celebrating their 1st birthday soon (hey, so is Lil G!) and they’re inviting everyone to the party.

I hope BabyLegs are in the Goody Bags.

An Unexpected Proposal (Or…”But That’s Not About Hawaii!”)

Today was our homeschool group’s  Geography Day. Basically, each child/family picks a location somewhere on the earth and puts together a visual and/or oral presentation on it. Lots of interesting places were represented, from Iceland to Okinawa.  Many of the displays included traditional food there were pierogies (btw, did you know how many different ways you can spell this dish? I wiki’d it: Pierogi- also perogi, perogy, pirohi, piroghi, pirogi, pirogen, pierogy, pirohy, pyrohy.) from Poland, home-baked pretzels from Germany, and clever&cute candy sushi from Japan. (I love the  paper mache Noh mask she made!)

Miss A chose to research and present Hawaii (her love for all things Lilo & Stitch played some role, I’m sure). I was very proud of her – she stood up in front of the group in her grass skirt & lei and told them all about Pele, the volcanic creation of islands, hula dancing, and the origin of pinepples. Do you know where the name pineapple comes from? Miss A does! Enough with the Mama-pride,  at the end of her little speech she said, “Any questions?” At this point another young man in the group raised his hand and asked, “So, is it alright if we get married when we are 24?” Much giggling ensued, and Miss A looked at me and said, abashed, “But Mama, that’s not about Hawaii!”

It must have been the grass skirt. Gets them everytime.

Miss A offers other presenters a sample of pineapple.
Miss A offers other presenters a sample of pineapple.
Miss A's prospective groom tries on her hula wear. I always knew she's be the one to wear the pants in the family.
Miss A's prospective groom tries on her hula wear. I always knew she'd be the one to wear the pants in the family.

Marilyn Monroe at Max & Ruby?

This morning, we had a delightful little field trip to see “Max & Ruby” live onstage. (If you don’t know who Max&Ruby are, you are missing out on some of the cutest books ever! We love Rosemary Wells around here…well except for her book about Felix and the Worrier, but we’ll talk about that some other time). The show was really well done, a small cast of 5 or so, and a simple set, but the costumes, musical numbers, sound effects and storyline were very entertaining. I enjoyed myself almost as much as the kids did (though half my fun is simply watching how much fun they are having).

After the show, as we were in the lobby taking stock and making plans for lunch, Miss A discovered something interesting…

Remind you of anything?
Remind you of anything?

Turns out, the entertainment in the lobby was pretty good too.


The look on her face when she first stepped on the vent…well, if you’ve seen The 7 Year Itch, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Unlike Ms Monroe, Miss A wears leggings most of the time.

Thank Goodness.

The Snake Show – Jewelry Edition

It’s become a Johnson family tradition: right around Miss A’s bday we head out for our annual trip to ReptileFest…what we refer to as, “the snake show.” I come along just to take pics…I have never liked snakes…not since I screamed bloody murder the time a little garter snake crossed my path on the side of our house when I was 6 or so…and I demanded my Dad go out there and hunt for it…and bless the man he humored me and did go out there – with a butterfly net. Miss A, who will shortly turn 6 herself, has no such fears. She thinks snakes are delightful and at shows like this has been known to invite the slinky things to slither right up her shirt sleeve. Oh, I’m getting the creepy crawlies just thinking about it.

This year the theme was snake jewelery, like the ring you see here:


My daughter has some strange taste in jewelry, I tell you what.


Check out this bracelet:


She is trying to decide how best to wear it…snake-bracelet-2

At least she matches her accessories.


It’s Spring Break! Hope your swimsuit is lined in fur.

Oh yeah, springtime in the Midwest. It is the embodiment of that saying, “It ain’t over til it’s over.” Cuz winter? It ain’t over yet.

The calendar may show that the season of spring started just over a week ago…


And local schools may be starting their spring break vacation tomorrow…


But spring has decided she  doesn’t feel like coming out to play right now…


Maybe in a few more weeks, she’ll feel like doing something.


Until then, winter is hanging around like that annoying last party guest that JUST WONT LEAVE.


Go away winter, I have other stuff I’d like to do.


Those poor birds say get lost, too.

Let’s hope winter gets the hint real soon…who knows, last year we scrapped any chance of an outdoor Easter egg hunt since it looked like Christmas.

“Oh, Dirt.”

This is my daughter’s new cuss word. Maybe five year olds shouldn’t be using cuss words you say. And I say pshaw (that’s an old fuddy-duddy cussword). Kids need to express their anger and frustration just-as-much-if-in-fact-not-more-than adults, and I much prefer she invent her own swear words than lie on the floor and scream (which has been her preferred method to date).
Besides, it’s funny, and quite an equal exchange, if you think about it. Both in meaning, and in the weight and delivery of the word.

So, next time you get ticked…try it..say: “Oh, dirt.”
I bet you feel at least a little bit better.